Upgrading Firmware OTA

105 min   |   5 Units

device firmware upgrade ota

This tutorial guides you through upgrading the firmware of the Raspberry Pi that has been connected to EnOS cloud, and then verifying the upgraded firmware to get ready for a batch upgrade of device firmware.

Learning Module

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Learning how to upgrade device firmware using the OTA service.

Unit 1: Developing OTA Capabilities on the Raspberry Pi

30 min

Developing OTA capabilities on the device using EnOS Device SDK for MQTT.

Unit 2: Preparing the New Firmware File

30 min

Preparing the new firmware file that is to be pushed to the device.

Unit 3: Uploading the Firmware File

15 min 

Uploading the new firmware file to EnOS cloud.

Unit 4: Verifying the Firmware and Device Performance

15 min

Verifying the firmware upgrading result and the new device performance.

Unit 5: Considering for Batch Upgrade

15 min

Creating a batch firmware upgrade task if needed.