Subscribing to Real-time Data

70 min   |   4 Units

data subscription real-time data alert data application SDK

To obtain your device real-time data and alert records directly, you can create and enable data subscription jobs on EnOS Console, so that the subscribed real-time data of your devices will be pushed to your applications, improving the efficiency of device management.

Learning Module

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Learn how to subscribe to the real-time data and alert data of a smart electric meter.

Unit 1: Registering and Connecting the Device to EnOS

10 min

Defining a model and needed measure points and registering a smart device on EnOS Console.

Unit 2: Simulating Device Data and Configuring Alert Settings

20 min

Configure alert settings to monitor the simulated data of the device.

Unit 3: Configuring Data Subscription Jobs

10 min 

Creating data subscription jobs for subscribing to the real-time data and alert data of the device.

Unit 4: Getting the Subscribed Data

30 min

Programming with EnOS SDK for data subscription to get the subscribed data.