Integrating External Data Sources

75 min   |   5 Units

data integration Hive MySQL data connection

This tutorial guides you through creating a data integration task with periodic scheduling to synchronize employee data from an external MySQL server to EnOS Hive.

Learning Module

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Learning how to synchronize data from an external MySQL database to EnOS Hive periodically.

Unit 1: Configuring Source Data Connection

10 min

Registering the external data source in EnOS by configuring a data connection.

Unit 2: Creating a Target Hive Table

20 min

Creating a target Hive table with specific columns to receive the synchronized data.

Unit 3: Creating a Data Integration Task

20 min 

Creating a data integration task for synchronizing data periodically.

Unit 4: Running the Data Integration Task

20 min

Start running the data integration task to synchronize data and monitor the running status and result.

Unit 5: Viewing the Synchronized Data

5 min

Viewing the synchronized data to the Hive table.