Obtaining Time Series Data

90 min   |    5 Units 

storage policy stream data processing TSDB API

When your device real-time data is ingested and transmitted to the IoT hub, you may want to process the origin data first, and then store the origin data and processed data based on your business needs. The stored data can be obtained easily for future usage.

Learning Module

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Learn the flow of processing stream data, storing the origin and calculated data, and getting the stored data.

Unit 1: Modelling the Device

10 min

Defining a model and needed measure points and registering a smart device on EnOS Console.

Unit 2: Configuring Storage Policy for the Device Data

10 min

Configuring storage policies for the original data and calculated data of the device measure points.

Unit 3: Registering the Device on the EnOS Console

10 min

Registering the device on EnOS Console and performing device-end development to connect the device to EnOS.

Unit 4: Developing Stream Data Processing Jobs

20 min 

Developing stream data processing jobs for aggregating the uploaded device data and checking the running results of data processing.

Unit 5: Getting Stored Data with EnOS APIs

10 min

Programming to invoke EnOS data service APIs to get the original and calculated data stored in TSDB.