Getting Started with EnOS

80 min   |   6 Units

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In this tutorial, we’ll guide you to explore the power of EnOS and walk you through the typical path on EnOS and relevant education materials.

Learning Modules

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Getting an overview of EnOS, the architecture and major advantages.

Unit 1: Registering for an Account

5 min

Registering for an account to EnOS and required permissions.

Unit 2: Planning for Resource

5 min

Planning for resources needed for stream data processing and data storage.

Unit 3: Connecting and Managing Devices

10 min

Getting to know the concepts related to device connection, data ingestion, and device lifecycle management.

Unit 4: Managing and Processing Real-time Data

20 min

Using the Data Asset Management offering to manage and process asset real-time data.

Unit 5: Integrating Offline data and Batch Processing

20 min

Using the Data Analytics offering to integrate offline data, process the data through orchestrating work flows, and analyze the data quickly and interactively.

Unit 6: Developing Applications

20 min

Getting started with offline application development and the lifecycle management of your applications.