Connecting a Simulated Device into EnOS

80 min   |   6 Units

model measure point device connection data simulator sdk

The first thing you start to do on an IoT platform is to connect your devices and data. This tutorial walks you through registering a smart device on the EnOS Cloud, performing device-end development, connecting the device to EnOS Cloud, and simulating data transmission through Java program.

This tutorial is the basic learning module you need to complete first.

Learning Module

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Learning how to connect a simulated device into EnOS.

Unit 1: Registering the Device on the EnOS Console

10 min

Mapping the physical attributes of the device to the digital world by creating a model, a product, and a device on EnOS Console.

Unit 2: Connecting the Device into EnOS Cloud

20 min

Connecting the device to EnOS Cloud directly by using EnOS Device SDK for MQTT for Java.

Unit 3: Simulating Posting Device Measure Point Data

20 min 

Simulating telemetry data of a measure point and uploading the data to the cloud.

Unit 4: Controlling Device State

10 min

Sending commands to control device status with the defined service.

Unit 5: Monitoring the Device Alerts

10 min

Monitoring the health and performance of the device by the setting alerts.

Unit 6: Monitoring Device State and Data

10 min

Monitoring the device state and data on EnOS Console.