Connecting a Raspberry Pi into EnOS

90 min   |   5 Units

model sdk device connection data simulator

This tutorial guides you through connecting a Raspberry Pi with a temperature senor, a humidity sensor, and an LED light into EnOS.

Learning Module

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Learning how to use an RPi to ingest environment data and control devices.

Unit 1: Setting up the Raspberry Pi

30 min

Setting up a Raspberry Pi with the selected hardware devices and installing the required software.

Unit 2: Registering the Raspberry Pi on EnOS Console

10 min

Registering the RPi device on EnOS Console for the needed model, product, and device information.

Unit 3: Configuring Alerts

10 min 

Configuring alert settings for the RPi to monitor its status and performance.

Unit 4: Programming with EnOS Device SDK

30 min

Connecting the RPi to EnOS Cloud and ingesting the device data by using EnOS Device SDK for MQTT for Python.

Unit 5: Viewing Uploaded Device Data on EnOS Console

10 min

Viewing the device status and simulated data uploaded to EnOS Cloud.