Connecting a PC into EnOS

110 min   |   6 Units

PC attributes CPU usage memroy usage event monitoring controlling device

This tutorial guides you through connecting a PC into EnOS to monitor its running status.

Learning Modules

Tutorial Overview

5 min

Learning how to connect a PC into EnOS and monitor its running status.

Unit 1: Registering the PC on EnOS Console

20 min

Defining a computer model and register the PC as a device on EnOS Console.

Unit 2: Configuring Storage Policy for the Device Data

20 min

Configuring storage policy for the system data and calculated data of the PC.

Unit 3: Connecting the PC into EnOS and Ingesting Data

30 min

Programming with EnOS Java SDK for MQTT to connect the PC into EnOS and upload data to the cloud.

Unit 4: Monitoring CPU Load

10 min

Monitoring the CPU load and report events to the cloud when the CPU load exceeds the threshold.

Unit 5: Controlling Data Upload Interval

10 min

Issuing commands from the cloud to the PC to control the data uploading frequency.

Unit 6: Calculating Memory Usage Percentage

20 min

Developing a stream data processing job to calculate the real-time memory usage percentage.