EnOS Tutorials

EnOS tutorials guide you through connecting your assets, developing and managing data, and gaining insights into your assets step by step.

Explore the power of EnOS by getting an overall understanding of the major services and functions of EnOS.

Learn how to connect a smart device to EnOS and simulate uploading data using EnOS SDK for Java.

Learn how to connect a PC into EnOS, monitor its CPU usage and memory usage, report CPU load events, and send command to control the data uploading frequency.

Learn how to connect a Raspberry Pi to EnOS and develop programs to ingest the device data and control device.

Learn how to obtain automatic push of the real-time device telemetry and alert records through the Subscription Service.

Learn how to perform stream processing on real-time data, store the original and calculated data in TSDB, and obtain the data with APIs.

Learn how to upgrade the firmware of a device from the cloud by using the upgrade over-the-air (OTA) service.

Learn how to synchronize incremental data from external data sources to EnOS Hive with the Data Integration service.