IoT Hub Basics: Connectivity

240 min   |   4 Modules


The first thing to do in IoT Hub is to connect your devices. This path will walk you through the basics on IoT Hub connectivity, explain the different connection solutions available, and get you started with a hands-on tutorial. 

Learning Modules


Module 1: Connectivity Overview

20 min

The connection scheme is usually selected according to the hardware capabilities of the device and the security requirements for the device connection. This module explains how different types of devices can be connected and the device security schemes that IoT Hub supports. 


Module 2: Device Connection

120 min

The IoT Hub supports device connection over HTTP, CoAP, and MQTT, with each having its own advantages when dealing with different types of devices and scenarios. Read through these topics to understand how connection through different protocol works.


Module 3: How to Select Connection Solution

40 min

Can the device connect directly to EnOS Cloud? Or does it need to connect through a gateway (or edge device)? Which protocol should I use? This module explains how to determine your connection solution based on your specific scenario and requirements.


Module 4: Connect Your First Real Device: Personal Computer

60 min

Having mastered the device connectivity basics, let’s now put what you have learned into practice. Follow the tutorial and connect your personal computer to EnOS and have it send its system and hardward readings to EnOS.