EnOS provides APIs that cover the core business processes of the system. Develop your IoT applications based on EnOS APIs quickly.

API Security

Application SA Authentication

Application SA (service account) issued by EnOS must be provided for identity authentication when calling EnOS APIs. The SA is generated by registering or purchasing an application on EnOS.

EnOS Resource Access Permission

The application SA must be authorized with proper permissions to access resources on EnOS before calling EnOS APIs.

Access Token

Use EnOS official SDKs (versions that support the corresponding API versions), or get the access token and calculate signature manually for calling EnOS APIs.

Getting Started

Refer to the code samples in the EnOS API documentation and learn how to call APIs for getting
the details of an asset and updating the asset information.

API Reference

Model Service

Search and get the detailed information of models that are defined or created within EnOS.

Connection Service

Manage your products, devices, gateway, and sub-devices that are connected to EnOS, as well as the device certificates and device data.

Asset Service

Get and update detailed information of your assets that are connected to EnOS.

Asset Tree Service

Manage the asset trees, asset nodes, and asset path on an asset tree for the assets of your organization.

Alert Service

Monitor your asset status, define alert content, type, severity level, and triggering conditions for assets of your organization, and manage the alert records.

TSDB Data Service

Obtain your asset data that is stored in EnOS time series database and filter or aggregate the queried data based on your business needs.

IAM Service

Manage user identities and control user access to the resources of your organization in EnOS. 

Application Portal Service


Get information about users, assets, and applications in EnOS, and configure permissions in Application Portal.

Batch Processing Service 


Manage the data synchronization, data development, and workflow operation tasks for batch data processing.

Prediction Model Service 


Run your “predictive” machine learning algorithm model service that is deployed via the EnOS Algorithm Model Hosting. 

Data Federation Service 


Manage data federation channels and read data from or write data to multi-source heterogeneous data storage systems.

Stream Processing Service

Query and manage the stream data processing jobs that are created in your organization.