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EnOS Update: 2.0.11

We are glad to announce that EnOS 2.0.11 Monthly Update (December 12, 2019), is now available! Let’s check out the highlights in EnOS 2.0.11:

Common / Core

Token-based API Request Authentication

We now allow you to generate a signature through an access token that we issue for your service account (application). An API request can then carry the access token, the signature, and a timestamp in the header to be authenticated by EnOS APIM.

Check out more about APIM updates from the Release notes.

Device Management

New Protocol Support: HTTP/HTTPS

We are supporting HTTP or HTTPS as the 3rd standard protocol (the other 2 are MQTT and CoAP). HTTP protocol is suitable for the following scenarios:

  • Devices unable to sustain connection for long due to the network or restricted bandwidth.
  • Devices that supports only the HTTP protocol.
  • Devices that needs to constantly upload file-type measurement points, such as a camera that sends video files. Similar to MQTT protocol, EnOS provides EnOS SDK for HTTP (java) and also supports customized protocol based on the EnOS-defined HTTP protocol. For more information, see HTTP-based Connection.

Alert Service Update

  • Support to trigger alerts based on the state of the device, for now, we support to throw alerts when devices are offline.
  • Add 2 APIs for batch creation of alert records

Check out more about Device Management updates from the Release notes.


Data Asset Management

  • Subscription Service: Support of subscribing to data ingested through offline message integration channel
  • Streaming Service: Support of new StreamSets Operator: JavaScript operator, which allows you to run JavaScript for custom logic against the data
  • Time Series Data Management: Added time-series data downloading operation in Time Series Insights, which enables you to quickly download the data for further diagnosis when an abnormality is discovered in the chart.

Check out more about Data Asset Management updates from the Release notes.


Data Analytics

  • Batch Processing Service APIs: The batch processing dataflow service provides 20 APIs for you to manage the flows
  • Forecasting algorithm API: get the prediction results of the forecasting algorithm, after it is deployed on EnOS.

Check out more about Data Analytics updates from the Release notes.


Application Enablement

Application Portal

  • SSO: support users to log in through Active Directory (AD) domain account.
  • Responsive UI for web & mobile display: based on your selection of application type, mobile or web, displays the GUI to fit the endpoint.
  • Custom settings: you can now customize the logo of the login page, change the theme of the look-n-feel of the application GUI, and change the order / name of the navigation menus according to your needs.

Check out more about Data Analytics updates from the Release notes.

Container Platform

Check out more about Data Analytics updates from the Release notes.

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