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EnOS Update: 2.0.10

We are glad to announce that EnOS 2.0.10 Monthly Update (November 8, 2019), is now available! Let’s check out the highlights in EnOS 2.0.10:

EnOS Version Information

  • View EnOS Version from EnOS Console – the EnOS version that application relies on can now be viewed through EnOS Console > About.
  • Environment information – Critical environment information can be viewed from EnOS Console.
  • Documentation versioned, default to show current version (of the instance)
  • Documentation for private cloud – documentation is available for private cloud deployment

Application Portal Updates

21 Application Portal APIs on beta, check out details from EnOS Console > EnOS APIs.

Added support of security settings, API authorization for applications, and language settings.

The security settings help secure access to applications by enforcing strict security policies such as password strength, session expiration, whitelist and backlist of login IPs.

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Data Asset Management Updates

  • Data Catalog (beta): Quickly query the metadata of your data assets on EnOS, which includes measurement, assets, Hive Table, Service, File Record Template, and Tag Template:

  • Streaming Service: continuously accumulating template that enables stream processing within clicks!

     We added 2 new templates for electric energy calculation:

     · Electric energy calculation by instant power (beta)

     · Electric energy calculation by average power (beta)

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Data Analytics

Hosting of machine learning algorithms such as your predictive maintenance algorithms (beta).

Also note that we are deprecating Data Report service, aka, this service would no longer be updated or supported effective from today, Nov 8th, 2019.

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EnOS Device Management Updates                      

  • Tag based search: The support of tag based search helps greatly improve searching efficiency among huge amount of assets managed from EnOS
  • Error message optimization: removed system internal errors and provide semantic and informative UI messages

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Support of deploying graphs developed through EnOS HMI on applications that runs on EnOS Edge, also made enhancements in Edge connectivity debugging, stream processing on Edge.

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Added support of API activity statistics monitoring.

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