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What initialization operations are needed for a new organization unit?

As the owner of an organization unit (OU, a tenant on EnOS), when you log into EnOS with an administration account for the first time, you must want to find out what you can do and what you need to do before your IoT project starts.

What are My First Steps?

When an OU / tenant is created, exclusive space and resources are allocated for your tenant on the cloud. You might want to start from managing users who will work on the project:

  1. Based on the roles and responsibilities of your project members, create users and user groups through EnOS Identity and Access Management Service. For more information, see Creating and Managing Users.
  2. Configure security settings based on your needs. For more information, see Setting Security Options.

What Can I Do with My Initial Resources?

Default resources are allocated for the following operations:

  1. Connecting and managing devices (operations related to models, products, devices, alerts, and asset trees).
  2. Using SDKs and APIs for device connection and application development.

When to Request for New Resources?

To expand or adjust the capabilities of your OU, such as stream data processing, offline data analysis, and data storage, you will need to request new resources.

EnOS provides different resource specifications to meet different business scenarios. Check Which Resource Can I Manage Online? in our documentation center for details.

How Can I Request Resources?

EnOS offers online resource management for specific types of resources.

Log in EnOS Console with the administrator account of your OU and select Resource Management in the navigation. Choose to request the appropriate quota of resources based on your business needs.

Resource will be allocated when your request is reviewed and approved by EnOS operation.

Check Managing Resources for more information.

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