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Get your personal computer talking with EnOS

Do I have a device in hand that can be connected immediately into EnOS? The answer is YES, if you have a PC! In a previous blog, we shared how to simulate device connection without a real device, now you can try out connecting a real device – your PC – into EnOS by developing a small program.

What Do I Need to get My PC talking with EnOS?

With an open source plug-in (OSHI), you can ingest the system and hardware data of your PC to EnOS Cloud and control your PC from EnOS Cloud, such as:
  • Updating attributes of your PC, including the model, CPU cores, and total memory
  • Monitoring real-time CPU and memory usage
  • Getting notified of CPU and memory overload with event service
  • Calculating CPU and memory usage percentage by developing a stream processing job
  • Controlling the data upload interval

What Programming Work is Needed on My PC?

You’ll need to develop a simple program that runs on your computer to transmit the data to EnOS. No worries, we have a sample program prepared for you, all you need to do is to replace the device credential and environment information with your own. Check our Tutorial: Connecting a PC into EnOS to get started!

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