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How to connect industrial devices to EnOS Cloud through EnOS Edge

EnOS Cloud supports device connection through MQTT and CoAP. For industrial device that utilize proprietary protocols, EnOS Edge is needed for connection to EnOS cloud.

EnOS Edge facilitates device connection in the following ways:

· Adapting protocols

· Mapping raw data collected from device to measurement points defined in a model

· Forwarding data to EnOS cloud for utilization by other service modules

Key Concepts


A device can directly connects to EnOS Cloud or through EnOS Edge. The relation between a device, EnOS Edge, and EnOS Cloud is as follows:

For devices that use proprietary protocols, they must first connect to EnOS Edge as sub- device and then to EnOS Cloud.


The protocols that industrial devices use for communication. EnOS supports industry standard protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, and proprietary protocols.

Device Template

Maps original data point to the standard data point defined in the model. The device template supports edge computing such as stream analytics, Groovy script.

Go to our documentation center to see the detailed description of these terms.

Quick Start

Read our tutorial to learn how to simulate industrial devices with your laptop and connect them to EnOS through an EnOS Edge device you configure from scratch.

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