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How to simulate device connection without a real device?

Have you ever encountered these problems when using EnOS?

·  I want to learn EnOS and get started by developing an application, but I don’t have any real device to be connected whose data can be used to try out EnOS functions.
·  In application development, I need a device to send specific data to EnOS. However the scenario where the device would send such data is hard to simulate or predict. Sometimes I don’t even have any piece of device at all.

With device simulator, you can get over these difficulties without any coding.

What is Device Simulator?

EnOS Device Simulator simulates a real device that sends data to EnOS. It can:

·  Help beginners get started with EnOS.
·  Assist developers in debugging.

Where Can I find Device Simulator?

Log in to EnOS Console and find it under Device Management.

How to Use Device Simulator?

Create a simulator for the device. Download, edit, and then upload the data sample to the simulator. You are all set to launch the simulator and enjoy all the advantages it brings.

Click our Tutorial: Using Device Simulator to get started!

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