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EnOS Update: 2.0.8

We are glad to announce EnOS release (September 06, 2019), an update to EnOS 2.0. Note that the release number of EnOS is currently an internal identifier. An external version numbering scheme is being defined and will be disclosed soon.

Check out the following highlights:


For device connection, alert, and asset tree services, we added 8 new APIs and updated 18 APIs. For details about API updates, go to EnOS Console >EnOS APIs > Release Notes.

EnOS Device Management

· Device Mirroring: For scenarios where the data of one device needs to be shared among different sites (managed in a single asset tree), we now support to forward data of a physical device to multiple device instances within an OU on EnOS Cloud. Learn more >>

· Usability enhancements: In this update, we optimized query experience by adding support of more searching and filtering parameters in product, device, and asset tree management interfaces.

New Application Enablement Capabilities

· EnOS Graph Editor (HMI Graph Tool) has been upgraded to adapt to EnOS 2.0. This is an official release of the tool on EnOS 2.0. Get Started with EnOS Graph Editor >>

· API Management supports monitoring of API invocation and accelerates API deployment through import and export functionalities.

StreamSets on Public Preview

The StreamSets operators are on public preview. In the public preview, we are offering StreamSets operators for asset data query, data processing, data quality tagging, and electric energy calculation. To get started with composing your own stream processing pipelines, check out the documentation (in Chinese). As the product GUI and documentation is still iterating, English documentation is not provided for now.

Data Subscription SDK Upgrade

The subscription SDK has been upgraded to V2.3.0 to support filtering asset data based on asset tags.

For detailed information about the new, changed, and deprecated features, view release notes on our website:

Release Notes (English)





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