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2019/05/09 Refresh of EnOS

We are glad to announce the 2019/05/09 update of EnOS. Check out the highlights:

Integration of Time-Series Data From 3rd-Party Systems

In cases where an enterprise can have multiple device management systems, EnOS allows integration of offline time series data from the 3rd-party systems where your device data might already accumulate. With data ingested through this channel, you can leverage EnOS to centralize your device management and harness the data asset management services of EnOS to process the offline data in the same way as you do the real-time data.

Batch Registration of Devices

To improve device connection efficiency, EnOS supports batch registration of devices by uploading Excel sheets populated with device information.

Preview of the Next-Generation EnOS Edge

A preview of the next-generation EnOS Edge is available! In addition to compatibility, the preview version also contains enhancements to protocols, device templates, and edge computing scripts.

Template and GUI-based Electric Power Calculation

EnOS added support of template-based stream computing for the common calculation scenario – electric power generation/consumption calculation. To meet the high accuracy requirement of the scenario, the template adopts the “sum of delta” calculation logic and allows you to specify the slope threshold to filter out invalid data.

To explore more about the new and changed features, view our release notes.

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