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EnOS provides extensive connectivity and ultimate flexibility, accumulates best practices and broad industry knowledge in its design, and operates in a secure and open eco-system.

What is EnOS

Products & Services

  • EnOS Edge
  • EnOS IoT Hub
  • Enterprise Data Platform
  • Enterprise Analytics Platform
  • Application Enablement Platform

Edge Logger

A lightweight gateway that provides lightweight IoT device access and intelligent edge computing control for distributed photovoltaics, small wind farms, building energy storage, industrial parks, commercial buildings, etc. 

Edge Gateway

A medium to large-scale gateway that provides device access and intelligent edge computing optimization solutions for centralized photovoltaics, medium to large wind farms, large buildings, large industrial parks, smart cities, etc. 

Edge STD

An intelligent edge computing platform that provides a multi-application local intelligent edge computing platform for supporting access for large number of devices, data analysis, real-time optimization control, predictive alerts, station monitoring, etc. 

Edge Extensive

A distributed intelligent edge computing platform that provides medium to large-scale local intelligent edge computing solutions for microgrid and multi-site monitoring, alerts, control, and data analysis. 

Connectivity Service

Enables fast and secure connection for heterogeneous devices and sensors and real-time and historical data from third-party cloud platforms and systems can be integrated to achieve the centralized connection and management of device data.

Asset Management

The built-in digital twin model library enables the quick abstraction of devices and provides full device lifecycle management and flexible asset tree management to achieve asset management transparency. 

Alert Service

Based on the real-time device telemetry data and its analytics results, you can trigger alerts dynamically to discover device abnormalitand detect faults quickly to minimize downtime. 

Data Asset Catalog

Enables extensive data governance activities such as centralized querying and retrieval, data lineage tracking, and data classification of massive multi-source data, etc., to help understand enterprise data assets quickly and achieve the centralized management of the data assets. 

Data Federation

Establishes a unified data access layer on top of multi-source heterogeneous data storage systems without moving or synchronizing data and enables consumers to efficiently access data without worrying about the differences of source data storage systems. 

Time Series Data Management

Provides efficient and stable storage management, fast query, and visualization for large amounts of time series data to quickly gain insights for the time series data ingested from devices or generated by the stream processing engine. 

Stream Processing

Provides common operators and templates for typical computing scenarios, where developers can easily develop workflows in a code-free/low-code process for data processing and analysis to meet the requirements of complex business scenarios. 

Data Subscription

Through subscriptions, asset and alert data are automatically pushed to consumer applications, which reduces the need for frequent API calls and greatly improves the efficiency on the acquiring and consuming of data. 

Data Archiving

Enables the movement of large-scale data and typically infrequently accessed “cold data” that takes up large amounts of storage space  through periodic archival jobs into more cost-efficient data stores. 

Data Synchronization​

Establishes the data transmission channel between external databases and the EnOS internal databases to achieve the centralized synchronization and sharing of data and files. 

Batch Processing

Powered by big data technologies, data developers can process large-scale data through visualized batch processing workflow to help gain insights on historical data, trend prediction, preparation of datasets for machine learning, etc. 

Data Quality

Utilizing the stream processing engine, you can tag real-time with configurable quality rules such as completeness, accuracy, timeliness, etc., and generate data quality reports of the tagged data to help companies make informed decisions based on the data’s credibility. 

Dev Experiments

Integrates the mainstream Jupyter Notebook as the model development environment to achieve distributed collaboration and interactive visual analysis of models to shorten the complex model training cycle.

MI Hub

A distribution hub for AI assets that enables model developers to perform comprehensive AI asset (data, model, templates, etc.) management activities such as registration, hosting, and version management to improve the reuse and innovation efficiency of model asset. 

ML Lifecycle

Provides end-to-end AI model lifecycle management tools such as workflow design, model production link deployment, and model operations monitoring to achieve the one-stop management and continuous optimization of models. 

Data Visualization

With rich, built-in rich graphic components, developers can experience a concise and low-code development process to quickly build visualization applications that combines 2D and 3D technology to enhance the application user experience. 

API Management

Provides full API lifecycle management to help companies quickly achieve business growth and open integration through APIs. 

EnOS Container Orchestration

Provides complete container orchestration services where the EnOS-based container platform simplifies the construction of container clusters and provides a stable and scalable operation environment for applications. 

Enterprise DevOps

Simplifies the development, deployment, operation and maintenance, and expansion of applications based on the combination of DevOps best practices and best-of-the-breed tools, where application developers and operators can collaborate efficiently and seamlessly to achieve agile business innovation. 


Based on the Helm Chart, common and reusable components and services can be deployed as templates with just a few clicks, simplifying business application development. 


Provides event-driven function-as-a-service and supports function-level resource allocation and scheduling to enable functions to run in an elastic and reliable mode, allowing developers to focus on the business logic of function applications during development. 

Log Service

With the centralized and unified management of the application deployment and publishing of logs, application developers and operation personnel can diagnose problems quickly and effectively. 

Application Portal

Naturally integrated with EnOS services and data, the centralized management of application user identities and access permissions and consistent web and mobile application frameworks helps to reduce development costs and achieve a cross-application integrated experience. 


Provides rich industry graphic components to accelerate the building of asset data visualization and industrial monitoring applicationsgreatly reducing development time. 

How EnOS Works

Connect and Manage Assets

With a built-in model library to accelerate device twin modeling and widely adapted to various industrial and mainstream IT protocols, you can quickly and securely connect asset and business data to the edge and cloud and help enterprises to connect distributed assets and break up multi-system data silos, and enable the digital and transparent management of the entire asset lifecycle.

Analyse Data

Powerful real-time stream data processing, big data batch processing capabilities, and a large number of typical scenario analysis templates and commonly used operators for facilitating code-free/low-code analysis and decision-marking supports the full lifecycle management and continuous optimization of the AI machine learning model from the experimental stage all the way to the production stage to achieve data synergy and transform data assets into real business value.

Develop Applications

Provides end-to-end tool components from application development and deployment to maintenance and expansion which helps to lower the development threshold, improve development efficiency, and accelerate business innovation.


What’s New​


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